Okay, so I was thinking about 7-strings and all the cool stuff i could do with it if i had one (gotta get better so i deserve it ) and i starting thinking about tunings if it had a floyd rose/ floating trem.

now say i wanted to play arch enemy (yes i know they dont use 7 strings), they tune two steps down, so that would be C F Bb Eb G C. now naturally if you have a floyd rose, tuning a six string to that takes a while. Enter the 7 string guitar and stick a capo on the first fret. Now the tuning from lowest to thinnest is C F Bb Eb Ab C F. Well, thats all fine and dandy except for...

Ab? why??? why does every other string work but the damn g string is one semitone too high. i remember my guitar teacher briefly telling me why when tuning in standard you have to use the 4th fret instead of the 5th for the g string. but i forgot, lol.

so can u guys help me out? sorry for long post
its tuned like that for making chord shapes easier,
and ive messed around with the capo-semitone up trick :d it gets boring after a while, but 7 strings are awesome
i was thinking the same ting what you have to do is invent your 7 string capo and market it and make a like a jillion dollars
Low B to low E is a perfect 4th.
Low E to A is a perfect fourth.
A to D is a perfect fourth.
D to G is a perfect fourth.
G to B, however, is a major third. One semitone lower than a perfect fourth. So, in essence the top two strings are one semitone high from a perfect fourth tuning. When you add a capo to the seven string guitar, your B is replacing what "arch enemy" tunes their E to, your E is replacing their A, and so on, so your G string is inheriting the flaws in their tuning.
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