so i got my new valvetronix amp about 6 or 7 months ago, and its pretty sick, but i bought purely as a practice amp and I've decided to get a tube combo, considering i maybe be gigging and stuff soon.
I have approximately $500, though i'm almost positive that i can have up to $1000
I play classic rock, hard rock (think Zeppelin, AC/DC, GnR etc) and i'm basically looking for that "vintage" tone.
What would be a good amp for this?
I say a marshall of some sort. Maybe a JCM800 combo, or a DSL401(though I'm not sure how good those are, I've heard mixed things).
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yea jcm 800 in some shape or form would be ideal you wouldnt need more than 50 watts for a combo any bigger you would want a 4 speaker cab to let it rip
If its any help i live in Canada, though i'm pretty close to the border i guess