Want to start a band? If you live in Plainfield, IL this is your lucky day. I am a guitarist and can play Iron Man, Sunshine of you love, Smoke on the water, Raining Blood, One, and Thunderhorse. Not the entire songs, but the good parts of it ( not solo). If you have a band in need of a guitarist or want to join my band, please post here. And i'm serious! If you live in Plainfield, IL please respond.
where exactly is plainfield? it sounds familiar but idk.
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If those are all you can play, and im not trying to be an asshole, then your chances of playing in a band are pretty nihil
dude you're awesome. No other guitarist can play smoke on the water, Iron man or sunshine of your love.

honestly though, your chances of getting in a band are pretty slim.
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what school do you go to? i live in plainfield but im not lookin for a band sorry.
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Since when is there a skill requirement for being in a band? There's a difference between trying to "make it" and playing music to play music.

Good luck with your search TS.
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iron man prolly has the hardest solo for me at least cause how he phrases and how quick things go is weird so learn those songs with solos ull hav better chances and learn to write ur own stuff ppl like that
Don't listen to these dou**ebags! Start jamming with others as soon as you can bro. Thats how you get better.
^ Indeed. Good on ya for wanting to play music with people, doesn't matter what your skill level is, it will only improve.

However, please leave a note in the musician ads forum
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