But i was wondering how to record that certain fade-in-fade-out sound. I guess the most popular example would be at the beginning of Damage, Inc.

Right now I have a keyboard with 100 effects, guitar, a multi-effects pedal, and some good recording software. Is it as simple as just messing around with the volume?

Sorry if this is really general, I'm just trying to get the best sound i can.
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He uses the volume control on his guitar.

Turn it down to zero. Play a note. Slowly turn it up. There's also some echo on it. This technique is sometimes called "violining", because that's what it sounds like.

If you mean the actual guitar sound and not the fading in of the song.

Malmsteen knows how it's done
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It is obvious.

You record it first, and then edit the volume up and down in post-production.

I figured it was something stupidly simple like that.

And yes, I'll try to technique with the guitar.

Thanks, Pit

edit: my pedal has pretty much every effect except for swell. Actually it has that, but it changes the pitch too much.
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Can you set your pedal as a volume pedal and gradually fade in with your foot?

I doubt it.

It's a Zoom G1, if that helps at all.
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how much is a multi effects pedal?

Mine was like $70. It's ok.
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