Want to start a band? If you live in Plainfield, IL this is your lucky day. I am a guitarist and can play Iron Man, Sunshine of you love, Smoke on the water, Raining Blood, One, and Thunderhorse. Not the entire songs, but the good parts of it ( not solo). If you have a band in need of a guitarist or want to join my band, please post here. And i'm serious! If you live in Plainfield, IL please respond. I can play rythm of lead in your band.
STOP POSTING THIS! stop bumping and putting useless emoticons...especially when you list the most generic riffs that anyone learns as your credentials. and post in the right forum. once you do...maybe ill consider politely declining your invitation to join.
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God dude I'm sorry but shut the f*ck up! This is the 3rd post! Obviously if no one has come forward saying they want to join a band by now, then no one will!
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i live in plainfield but im already in a band bro sorry
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