Does anyone know all the measurements the American Strat neck has?
I was gonna buy a neck for my new Strat project and I really love the feel of the neck I have on my current American Strat (HSS)
I was thinking of ordering my neck from this site where you need to know every detailed thing about it, so I don't want to do any mistake and end up with having a 300 dollar neck that doesn't fit with the body or something...

So, if someone could tell me like the:
Neck and Finger Board Combination Style (need explanation)
Nut Style (needs explanation)
Finger Board Radius
Fret Size and Type
Tuner Hole Size
Nut Width (needs explanation)
Heel Type and Size
Truss Rod Option
Neck Profile
Volute Style (Behind Headstock) (needs explanation)
Heel Transition (needs explanation)

I know it's alot to ask but if someone could tell me what (most of these) measurements are on modern strat necks I'd be very grateful.
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