I heard egg cartons don't do as much as they are said to. That being said I have a friend who's doing it and they are a nuisance to put up. Hang like shag carpets up. That should work.
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Yeah id like to know this too. More specifically, how to soundproof a window. All the sound goes out through the glass, outside then in through my parents window and wakes them up all the time.
Egg cartons do nothing to soundproof, they just deaden internal reflection.

You won't be able to soundproof a room on the cheap. Look at renting space if its an issue.
A qucik and easy way is to put up soft stuff like blankets. They will help deaden the sound.
Do you use a BR-600?
If so, click here to join the group thats made for you!
well carpet sounds alot easier than eggcartons haha

is there like a soundproof kit u can buy or anything??
Room acoustics is very different from soundproofing and generally way cheaper.

What's the specific situation? The least expensive option is almost always renting practice space away from sensitive ears.
Thy physics involved here require weight. if it doesnt weigh anything it cant stop anything. You are trying to convert sound waves into mechanical energy and heat loss. You can buy four by eight sheets of very heavy pvc, like 1 lb per sq. ft. that you put up between drywall and that will do it. Egg cartons make it sound nicer and ctrisper inside, but the sound goes right through them
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