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^Well, the JVM is a beastly nice amp.. Or not playing through that anymore?

sold it

The band is on hold for a few months and I need me car back on the road for work so shes gone.

BUT expect some mean equipment coming over the summer
I like to try everything. Like a Wine buff

Over the summer is when Im gonna spend (around 4-5 grand) Its so pointless that Im doing it tbh but why not
I will say that too the day I get it.. And realise "WHAT HAVE I DONE??!!"

Nearly bought a Relic'd Edwards strat today with the money.. Decided "no dave, you need the money"

Found a prs ce 24 ten minutes later and was like "Damn, I getting this" basicly about to buy it when I saw the colour in the description was different. and I hate the colour. So I stoped looking on ebay and music store websites before I would buy something..
your telling me man..

I still have the Mesa/boogie power amp so I might try and aquire some pre-amp again.
Part of the reason I think is people want br00talz bottom end and a very crushing, chugga chugga sound, which is not what they are for, especially in alder body Jacksons and the sorts. They are more of a hair metal pickup imo.