Sorry for the bad pun. But seriously, I'm deciding between EH Graphic Fuzz and EH Big Muff Pi. What do you all think of them? I play White Stripes, Weezer, Against Me! kinda stuff. It's going to be one of these two so to anyone suggesting something else shut the fuzz up.
Graphic Fuzz, only because it is the top of the line. There will be a big price difference betwixt the two.

Have you checked out the video on YouTube of the Graphic Fuzz? It looks sweeeeeet!
yeah thats the thing, alot more people use the big muff pi it seems like and it is alot simpler to use. I don't really know how much id be using that E.Q. on the graphic but it does seem pretty sweet.
I've tried the Big Muff and I was well impressed, but to be honest I'd probably go for the graphic fuzz, it does look pretty damn good.
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I think Jack White from the white stripes actually uses the Big Biff Pi, if that helps

True, but the GF is way more versatile, has an onboard EQ, and sounds waaaaaaayy better!

The Graphic fuzz, is like a OD/Distortion, fuzz and EQ in one.

Pair it up with a POG and you are laughing!
thing is ive got a DS-2 and a tube screamer, so i dont exactly need more OD/Dist. versatility isnt the issue really, its fuzz quality, which the demo for the Pi seems to show better.
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haha the POG is abit expensive for my taste. i think it might be the big muff pi, what do you guys suggest for an octave to go with it?
You could look at the Micro Pog that EHX make. Once again I would refer you to YouTube for demos. Hendrix used a Dunlop Octavia but again it is quite pricey. Octave pedals don't ever seem to come cheap but the Micro POG looks like a winner!