Poll: What time do you stop playing?
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6 pm
5 3%
7 pm
3 2%
8 pm
12 8%
9 pm
23 16%
10 pm
18 12%
11 pm
12 8%
12 pm
6 4%
1 am or later
2 1%
I don't have neighbors/family near me
10 7%
NEVER! Mwahaha. Fear my wrath Mr and Mrs Jones!
57 39%
Voters: 148.
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What time do you stop playing the guitar(through amp) or drums so that you don't annoy your neighbors or keep them up?
After i pass out (6 am-ish)
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never, i use headphones
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I honestly couldn't care.

My amp is on the wall that's closest to their house, which for them is (I think) their living room.

No complaints so far, and everyone seems to come and go often so them moving wouldn't make me think twice.
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Never. Playing an acoustic doesn't piss them off, even though they turn on rap music at 2 in the goddamn morning.
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I usually stop dead around 10-10.30, but I quiet down around 8 because there's a woman next door that I may or may not have caused to have a heart attack


I dont have neighbors. Yay for living out in the midde of nowhere!
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i stop the real loud **** about 9 then i turn it down a bit and play along with my ipod speakers instead of my stereo system
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i just use headphone or play low, i dont play loud, my room where my guitars are is right next to my parents room so i really cantplay loud without them getting pissed
I stop when I go to bed. I live an apartment and my neighbors never complain. They're old and can't hear anyways
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i stop the real loud **** about 9 then i turn it down a bit and play along with my ipod speakers instead of my stereo system

You play through stereo speakers as an amp?
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**** neighbors. The only people I can't keep up or wake up are my parents.

Same here
I don't. I play some jack johson to lullabie my neighbours to sleep. Then I rob their fridge.
I hate all my neibors, so I usualy turn it UP after 10, just to piss them off....and if I got firends comin over to jam, then their definently skrewd, cuase we have full blast all night sessions all the time, and get the cops called most of the time too I love it.
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My closest neighbour is a drummer. He can't complain about noise. I don't usually play that loud though.
I live in a big enough house so that my neighbors can't really hear me until I turn my 100W (solid state) amp up past 5 or 6 at least, I usually play on 1 maybe 2 and my parents and brother sleeping in the same house can't even hear me, I can play as late as I want and no one complains.
Yea I dont care about my neighbors, but me family is the one that i cannot awaken, so like ninish or tennish is when i can play it loud; otherwise it is quieter.
Never - Headphones.

Out loud, I only play around midday.
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i dont play loud enough for my neighbors to complain. the walls of both houses are pretty thick, and theres a good 30 feet between the them. not too far, but far enough. in my friends garage, however, we have to stop at 11. homeowners association has a noise ordinance. plus his neighbors a bitch, and complains if were still playing at 7
I stop ampage at 8, but I still mess around with an unplugged after...the exact reason I need to find my acoustic (moving can be a biatch)
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when my dad shuts off the electricity to my room

I live in an apartment, so my neighbors can really hear me. I stop around 7-8pm. afterwards, i unplug and play.
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when i'm done playing
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I haven't played amplified in months, but it was usually 9 o'clock when my guitar actually worked properly.
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Actually, last night me and my buddie started playing at his place from 11 sun night to 12 mon. afternoon, never turned it down and he has close neighbors with 5 month old and 6 year old daugthers. We play metal lol.

Edit: Cops showed up twice.
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