hey guys, i have a Fender Jaguar Bass, a Fender Bassman 150 and some extra cash, so i thought i'd get something to make my rig sound a little better. so far i'm looking at either a bbe sonic maximizer or a badass bridge II...will either make a noticeable difference in my sound? will the bridge fit the jag, and will it be a pain in the ass to adjust my intonation? any help or new suggestions will be much appreciated.
Both will make virtually no audible difference. You need to upgrade your amp before anything else, to be honest.
as far as the amp goes, i love the preamp and the EQ in conjuntion with all the buttons and knobs on the jag can make pretty much any sound, and its got enough wattage to cover the usual gigs that get thrown my way (which are admittedly pretty small), but if neither of those will make any difference, what should i get?
Well the Sonic Maximizer is thought of as more a tool for recording than live tone - it has a high pass filter and adds a slight delay to the bass and a small mid scoop. By most accounts it's pretty subtle for bass. It works better with a signal at higher than instrument level (after a pre-amp or effect.) The BAII won't make a significant tonal difference (you may have slightly more sustain) but it's primarily for better adjustability than the standard Fender bridge.

I'm not saying it's a bad amp but it's not the most high-fidelity out there and the difference the Sonic Maximizer would make or the difference the BAII would make would be bordering on unnoticeable.

It sounds like you have this money and are looking for something to spend it on, rather than particularly wanting something and have raised the money for it and are checking it's a good purchase. I'd suggest you hold off and hang on to your money until you really want something and don't spend for the sake of spending!

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