About the inconsequential things we do in an inconsequential world. lol.

Haha, what a life

pt. 1
Where did the power go?
Sandy's pets may kill bikini bottom, damn,
The sky looks like death
6:52 AM
I cry as the
Red sunspots burn the smoking chimneys
And the wisps of white cloud, like fall,
Churn over
Into matter

I try to shut my eyes
But nothing happens.
I can't see the god
Blowing in front of my face.

Pt. 2
Descartes’ method of doubt remains to strip ourselves of certainty and then test what we claim to be undeniable fact through a system of skeptical hypotheses. He discovered the only fact that cannot be unproven manifests itself by our knowledge that we exist, in whatever form, and we cannot, by any of our faculties, convince ourselves otherwise. Descartes’ method of doubt can be boiled down to confronting doubt itself until there remains a truth. Using this method a person’s everyday uncertainties, specifically belief in self-betterment, contextual shifts, and an overarching power structure are proven systematically moot until all that remains important is a happiness with one’s personal existence. Nothing else can be certain.

Comcast truck outside and tinkling around. Thank god.

Pt. 3
Baseball hat and Simpson’s boxers
Standing, gazing past the bathroom mirror,
Past the eerily bright reflections,
Holding a picture of your hand in front of your face,
Blocking out the soul-stealing shutter-sound,
laughing like a madman.
The sky, it gave itself up, the sky did,
To me.

What a winter
What a life
I've took so many virginities,
Lost so many fights with Socrates
That I've made myself a
Metaphysical medal,
The ol' spongebob gag,
A sweater of tears.

Power. On. Oh. Phew, just in time
To see the butterfly go back in its cage.
Thank god for that butterfly.
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That will improve all your songs. I would avoid the haha in the title. It is a little too informal. Then I would take out the 652 because it has no purpose. I like the word wisp. I also like the churned over into matter line.
It's great. Short, but impactful. I have no problems with it, maybe because I can relate to it.

Good stuff.