Because I just restrung my Larrivee which was supposed to have Cleartones on them, but the ball ends were color coded. Did they change strings for 2008 or something (this guitar was manufactured in Feb)?

Whatever those strings were they sucked...
Hmm, tomorrow I'll have to email Larrivee and ask if they send their guitars out with D'Addarios on them now.
cleartones have colored balls on the end. and larrivee guitars come with cleartone strings.
not true. I've seen plenty of strings with colour-coded ball ends. For instance, my last set did (can't remember what I had on at the time)
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Alright thanks guys. I still haven't gotten a response from Larrivee (they were fast about the serial number look up though). Since those were Cleartones, I'm pretty damn disappointed in them for $17 strings. Discolored on the first day and rusted within a week!