So I picked up a new Ibanez today for free... it's a little banged up, but it plays pretty effing nice. Specially for being free.... now at first I thought it was an RG. But after a trip to the local shop, and after picking up an RG I could definetley tell that the guitar I have is NOT an RG.

The batteries in my camera are currently dead... otherwise I would upload a pic. But any help would be good...

There is no letters on the headstock like on the RG's. It has a concave curvature to the backside of the guitar, unlike the RG's. Original FR. H S H setup for pickups, looks to be Ibanez stock pickups, but not INF's. It has a serial number on it... made in Japan.

Theres an S on the back of the headstock next to the serial number, and an S on the cover for the bolt-on neck. Could it be an old S series?

It's gotta be at least a few years old. I'll take some pics of it if I can find me some batteries. Thanks for any help.
could be a old s model good guitar to work on though
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Get a pic on and it will be much easier... A picture says thousands words and you have not reached hundreds, yet xD
kudos..how the hell did u get it for free?
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A Japanese Ibanez? You've got yourself one hell of a bargain mate.

Not sure about the model without photos, could be an early RG or most likely a Saber. If you mistook it for an RG I can't imagine it being an S series (as we know them anyway), but sounds great. Look forward to seeing some pics...
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kudos..how the hell did u get it for free?

yeah, tell us.

If you do, maybe I can get one the same way
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Number of frets? Inlay type? Control setup? Serial number? Neck joint type? Can't help without more info bro. Could be an RG of some kind, or maybe the predecessor to the RG, the Roadster/Roadstar/whatever the hell else they called it
Getting batts now, gonna get a pic up.

24 jumbo fret

Rosewood fingerboard, dot inlays, bolt on neck looks to be maple, if I had to guess the wood of the body I would say mahogony, but thats just a good guess.

Pic in a few

Alrighty guys, tell me what this is

Needs to be cleaned up, yes. But my god it sounds pretty nice through my Peavey Bandit 112.
WOW... don`t know what it is... but deff. WIN, can`t believe you got that for FREE

but my buddy got a Ibanez Roadstar with a silvertone tube amp and 2 X 12 cab for free
RG of some kind, thats for sure. I wonder if that S means second... Probably just some pro AANJ RG. Check Ibanez Rules for the catalogs to see if you can find it. That is the stock trem btw, an Original Edge