So I play metal and hard rock and want to know what the normall pedals are I think I want a phaser, tremelo, chorus, delay, and compresser but I don't know if a tremelo is neccisary if I get a delay and phaser or if a compresser is even Neccisary. I would also like some good brands and am willing to spend like $200 dollars a pedal. I already have overdrive, eq, and wah so don't suggest those. Plz help.
What kind of amp?

A phase 90 can do tremelo/vibrato sounds with the speed turned up. Only you can know if you need a compressor. The boss and line 6 delays are supposed to be good. I think ehx makes a good chorus, can't think of the name.
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i'd definetly get a chorus and a reverb pedal. For reverb go with one of the holy grails. You wont regret it
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Very handy if you're in a room that doesn't provide natural reverb, can add some depth to your sounds. I would have a holy grail if I didn't like the reverb on my amp
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
A compressor is really nice. I think Boss makes a compressor/sustainer-pedal of some sort.

Very nice amp btw
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