Hey guys, i've been looking at lots of posts and such here and im thinking the laney VC30 is going to be one of my main contenders for my next amp ( replace my marshall mg 100...yes i was a young fool once). OF COURSE im going to try it out but i was wondering if there was a big difference between the VC 15 and VC 30 tone wise? Also if there isn't....do you reckon the VC 15 could handle small gigs?

thanks very much
I've never heard either, but I can say that a 15 watter probably won't have loud enough cleans for a gig.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
Depends how much headroom you'd need. The VC15 would be loud enough with say, a 210 or 212 extension cab. Otherwise it'll struggle a bit, but it's doable. The VC30 is a safer bet but you'll probably never get it to overdrive its power valves.

I have a VC15 and while it's LOUD, it's not AMAZINGLY loud. It's a GREAT sounding little amp though and I absolutely love it.