i have a jackson dinky with the FR on it...and i was wondering if itd be of any advantage to go up to 10-46's from the 9-42's that are on it as far as tone, ive heard thicker strings usually good for rythm, thinner for leads...well i really dont do one or the other i try to do both, im more of a hobby player seein as im kinda new so im not deadset to lead/rythm as someone in a band might be. So is it worth going through the set up of adding thicker gauges (which ive already set trem up once myself and i didnt think it was that hard, so not worried bout that), or just sticking with the 9-42 combo. I mainly try and play blues and rock with this guitar, if i try metal i got an esp set up more for that, thanks!
PLay around with different gauges. Your prolly not gonna notice too much of a difference in tone yet.
It's all about the way they feel to you. Heavier strings are hard to bend but generally have better tuning stability and sound better. I would think 10s would be fine, it'll take some time to get used to the higher tension.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
ah thanks, well i have been playin almost a year and a half, and i play prolly 2-3hrs a day, so the finger hurt or bending diff wont be much of a factor, my esp i set up with 10-46's and i play it quite a bit...so i mean i guess i do now what they sound like...just whether or not theres an advantage...and if itll help this guitar, i dunno...ill give em a whirl, bored and need somethin to do anyhow, lol
It's all preference. I've been thinking about trying 11s.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not