its about to be spring, so my nose is dripping running,stuffed, sneezing, its bad, because it happens at school and dates, bad places etc.
anyway anything i can do about this, any recomended brands of medicine?
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Try Claritan. (works well)

I get allergies around these times too and its really annoying.
smell garlic - trust me it works just keep it up ur nose

Also u can get a medicine called salonpass its a asian herbal medicine , like a strip u can put for your nose , originally for physical sports injury. But if your not goin 2 get that stick that garlic up your nose

i got a list of mi allergies

Dog Fur
Cat Fur
Animal Fur
Dust Mites
People's Hair
My own Hair
Sun sometimes
Cow Milk
Anythin that look like fur
n if i think of anythin sneazy i sneaze
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telfast antihistamine is good, and nasofan is pretty helpful too.

I have to take them all year round
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Ugh. I don't have allergies, but I get some terrible sinus infections.

I'm currently on 4 different kinds of pills, two nasal sprays, and one inhaler.

I haven't been in school since last Tuesday.

I take Singulair year round, I'm not sure if it's for allergies, though, but it may help.
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