I'm considering purchasing a soundhole pickup for my acoustic guitar to practice at home and for gigs. If i were to use it at a gig, i would expect the place to have a mixer and equipment so that is probably not a problem. The problem is using it at home.

I have 3 ways to hook it up into my amp (electric)
A) directly plug it into the amp
B) use my "audio buddy" pre-amp (came with my mic's, not so great, its very easy to get feedback from)
C) plug it into my pedal and just use the volume control. would this make the signal stronger?

Out of these 3 options, which would give me the best sound?

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A) signal wont be very strong, but if you're just using it at home alone, then it doesnt matter if you turn yourself up a bit.

B) using your "audio buddy" preamp might get you feedback... but how loud are you really planning to use it at home?

C) uhhh... what kind of pedal? Just turning up the volume wont make the signal stronger. you need a device to actually amplify the signal, not just make it louder as it comes out of the speaker.

Best sound... not sure. For C, sometimes if you turn the volume up too much it'll might give you that horrible buzzing noise. possibly even some distortion as well.

Each option should be fine... i mean... how loud do you really need it to be for home use? i would probably just plug it straight into the amp.