change to 12-13 gauge strings would help.
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Bridge cables are teh br00talz for drop A
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Quote by uvq
dont tune to drop a then.


baritone guitar is the best way to go if you need to be that metal.
thicker strings, noobface
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going that far down in the long run a baritone or 7 string might be a good idea, but a good set of .12s or .13s will do the job, those and a good set-up, truss, trem height if needed and action

EDIT: a barritone guitar has a longer scale length allowing lower tunings without the floppy strings, standard tuning for a baritone and a 7 string i beleive is B
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thicker strings. .13s with an e-string that is AT LEAST 0.60 for A-standard.

what guitar do you have? A short scale (24,75) guitar tends to be a little flappy in such low tunings, even if you have really thick strings.

Edit: I see that some people recommend a 7-string for these kind of tunings. A common mistake is that a 7 is always better for low tunings than a 6-string. The thing that matters really is the scale lenght of the guitar, not the amount of strings it have. a 27...eh...inch 6-string will be better at handling low tunings than a 25,5 7-string.

Just wanted to clear that up
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Quote by COBHC_Slayer
change to 12-13 gauge strings would help.

in other words... find some towing cables to put on your guitar haha
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