So I finally got the money to order a Daphne Blue mustang two weeks ago today. So I went to my local Guitar Center an ordered. The nearest one was at a GC in LA and they were gonna get it shipped from there to them(Arizona) so they said it would take about three days to come in. Well it's been two weeks since the order. Normally I'm the kinda guy who would say big deal, $*** happens, But I've had a few suggestions from friends to ask for some swag for any "inconvenience" it has caused me. So what do you guys think, just keep my normal cool or try and get something outa it?
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i ordered a guitar stand from their website on december 29, and i just got it two weeks ago.

so i feel your pain.
get some free stuff, I mean they did screw up.
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Well, the obvious thing to do is drive all the way to that GC, break into the store when it's closed, and steal every single guitar in the shop. Then you sell all of those on seperate ebay accounts so that the feds will never find you. Be sure to wear a full chembio suit with 500 layers of uber-sterilized latex gloves on your hands when you walk in to the store so that you don't leave any DNA around.
And when you do get the guitar you ordered, well, hey, it's a win-win situation!

Or, you could just call the store and ask. Maybe they got your address wrong or something. Stuff like that happens all the time.
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Same thing happened to my cousin they kept saying they were gonna get it in but they never did, he took his money back and bought it online.