We're a death metal band from South Bend, Indiana. We just finally got the final mix of our first EP this weekend, and have two tracks off of it posted on our MySpace. We're in the process of booking our first shows now.

I'm really happy and excited about how these recordings came out, so hopefully you'll enjoy them just as much as everyone in the band does!

...and here's the link:



edit: quite alot has changed since this first post. We recorded a full-length and have 3 new songs on our MySpace with higher quality than our first EP. We've also done a good bit of playing around, and have gotten to play with Suffocation just a couple of months after shuffling our EP around. We've also got a show coming up with Decrepit Birth and quite a few other big name acts. Check out the MySpace link above if you're interested in more info on Necrotica.
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That's some pretty impressive music, I usually have a hard time getting used to bands this heavy but either you're better than most or I'm just getting more acquainted with death metal :p

I checked out South Bend and you're kinda far away from me, but if you ever play as close to Cincinnati as Indianapolis I'll try to go.
Thanks very much man!

There is a good possibility of us being able to do some Indy shows. The guy who we record with lives in Indy and we were actually just down there last weekend picking up our fully mixed copies of the EP from him. Our bassist is pretty good friends with the guys so we've been planning on going down every once in a while, crashing at his house, and playing some shows around the Indy area.

So yeah, Indy shows are a definate possibility.
Cool, good luck, I've added you guys on myspace so I'll be able to see when you're around.
damn dude ****ing brutal music, but i think your band name is too cheesy. sounds like erotica too much. just some suggestions, i'm not flaming.
Quote by MetalMusicianAl
damn dude ****ing brutal music, but i think your band name is too cheesy. sounds like erotica too much. just some suggestions, i'm not flaming.

yeah its supposed to be a mix between necrotic and erotica. Oh well, different strokes for different folks.
Some new band news:

-EP art is done, and the EP is selling for 7 bucks.

-We have an upcoming show in South Bend with Suffocation.

-We also a have a couple other smaller shows in the same area going on, as well as a show in Indy.

-We've been in cahoots with Demiricous for a bit now and there a serious possibility that shows with them could very likely happen in the future.

-Our first official show was last night and it went GREAT! We played a six song set, before the crowd cheered for an encore (woo! that made our week!) and we closed with our seventh song for the night, The Pest House. The crowd was actually really responsive, and the gig went about 20x better than I EVER would have expected our first show to be!

-We are recording wih Matt Mast again and we just finished tracking the drums for our up-coming full length album. Today we're going to work on getting the right guitar tone out of the four amps we're using, and possibly starting to track the rythm guitars, depending on how long our tone-check takes. Please note that that this time we're recording with about $15,000 dollars worth of new recording equipment and we're expecting a MUCH higher quality sound this time around.
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sweet dude

*adds page*
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Necrotica hasn't been a band since 2009, but I just uploaded our full length album (that was never properly released before we disbanded) to YouTube. We slowly fell apart after the recording of this album and never got to put it out in any way (albeit partially just due to a mutual dissatisfaction with the outcome of the recording/mixing), so it's basically been left unheard by anyone who wasn't extremely close to the band. The album artwork is a concept we commissioned Marco Hasmann to create (whose done album covers for Fleshgod Apocalypse, Beyond Creation, Deeds of Flesh, and countless others.) I still think the recording has some charm, despite being very flawed in many ways, so I'm just posting it here to share a project that was very important to me for four years of my life: