NOTE * I am not trying to advertise anything in any way shape or form. I am simply trying to tell people of a fun site I came across. It does not rival this site in the least, so I do not think there should be any reason for me to get in trouble for it. Therefore the following statement is just a suggestion and am helping people who need something fun to do. I have been on this website forever and abide to all the rules & Guidelines.*

I found this great website for games.

Just go to this site:


have fun.
Ah you may be trying to post just a fun link, but may I point out the purpose and question the putting of "Guns_N_Roses" at the end of the URL?

So, what do you get for a referral?

Hmmm. I see, and that may be a valid point but actually what happened was I went to the register page to copy the link down, and thats what the link was. You can be sarcastic all u want but thats what happened.