hey guys, i got a BOSS DS-2 turbo distortion pedal, i have a line 6 spider III 75 wat amp. im looking to get the metal tone for laid to rest by lamb of god, the crazy train preset does pretty good but it just doesnt pull it off, but im having problems, because when play the song with the distortion pedal on, and the amp model set on the clean channel, it just has horrible muffled distortion, no matter what the settings, its like its muffled out from the settings on the clean channel, can someone give me some pointers please?
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distortion pedal + modeling amp = unavoidable **** tone... sorry dude
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either your amp fails or you dont know how to use a distortion pedal properly. and if you bought a boss ds-2 expecting a metal sound, lol
You just wasted your money pal.
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You could get $1000 custom made pickups hand wired with Eric Johnsons pubic hair, and they'd still sound pretty bad through a ****ty solid state practice amp.

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Really? I thought Frontmans where highly respected around here?!

yeah dont try using a distortion pedal with a line6. just get a new amp or find a good setting on the amp, never evereverevever try what you have tryed again.
all the guys at the store said you can surely do it and get a great sound, im not sure where they got that, they obviously dont know much.
Just get a better amp please.
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