So I need a hat for all of next week at school and I've been meaning to get a cool hat to wear anyway, any suggestions? Try not to think baseball cap. Also wear you can buy what you suggest.
ski hat.
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new york yankees hat

but it only works if you wear it half-sideways and don't watch baseball
cowboy hat
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i wear a camo everywhere. i say a slash top hat. look at ebay they got a goood one there
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Hell yaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

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dude steal the popes hat
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new york yankees hat

but it only works if you wear it half-sideways and don't watch baseball

ok, yeah. my name is silly because I signed up when I was 13.

Might look into top hats, any good places to buy them?

Cmon guys give me some better suggestions. Think Ska, Relaxed, etc.
Get a pimpin' pinstripe fedora.
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RIght now I think fedora

Keep posting, I have a hat in mind but I cant think of it's name
Beanie/hat thing like the ones at Pac Sun.
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i have the wolf hat and i must say it is incredible
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get one of those beer hats but just fill it with ginger ale instead of beer for school.
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dude... turban
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Right now its between fedora, rasta hat, and golf hat

Anyone know where I could try on/buy these? Besides the web.

rasta hat
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still have no idea what stores to look for rastas or fedoras

I'll decide once i've tried both on

considering fedoras are "in" now i might get a rasta just to be diffrent though I don't know how good it'd look on me. Fedoras are damn sexy though.