Just something I wrote, nothing too serious. Any critiques would be helpful. It's supposed to be like a folky song I guess...

Try to fit in, you're block slim
I dunno why you can't swim
In-to azure sea, par whimsy,
Forgo inhibitions, build up freeeeee
Oooh yeaaahhhh, the surge pushes meeeee, Oooh yeaaahhhh, the wash topples meeeee (possibly 2x)

Cresting meadows, lead the eye, free will can't quite, objectify
The landscape of your liiiiffeee
Slung back to the bay, and you'll stay,
Six sides of a sight, I have, nay, spill of dreams and what's been,
Flowing for meeeee, Oooh yeaaahhhh, Crashing down on meeeeee (possibly 2x)