So I've been playing drums for about three years making due with this piece of crap drum set. And it is time to get a new one. Duct tape and home improvement jobs will only work for so long. I'm wondering what makes a good drum set, like the type of wood the drums are made out of. My set now is a Titan (some off brand company) and they are made of some hard wood stuff. I borrowed a set from my friend and they are made out of a plywood look alike material. My friend's set is much better then mine. If someone could please tell me what a good set of drums are made out of, that would be awesome! Thanks.
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Idk about materials, but I've been looking at intermediate kits and I have found the best to be the Diablo punx set (high quality sh*t) and the Tama Imperialstar (great drums all around. hope this helps a little
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pearl export. change the stock heads and you'll have a terrific intermediate kit