This is a song I wrote, I'm in a punk/grunge band so imagine these in a punk/grunge song

Verse 1

Livin' on a regret gets you no where at all
As you ask your conscience for a direction
Lost in time, and searching for a clue
You are lost and hope seems to be missing

As you travel seeking for someone you lost
You stumble upon a guide
It takes you to whereabouts unknown
And you couldn’t be more grateful

Cause you never wanted to go anywhere
The spot you were, seemed so perfect
And your remorse is disappearing
But it still hangs onto your thoughts

Shake it off don’t let it remain
Your tears will eventually tear it off
And satisfaction will take it’s stand
Being the one that helped you all along


I’m lost in a never-ending clock
As I search my mind and try to unlock
The doors that were locked and sealed away
But I found my skeleton key today
And opened all my hopes and dreams
That have finally come back to me
To say that I have yet to be proud
And I think I’ll listen this time around

Verse 2

I’m standing here as the hour hand stays still
And I’m trying to run from the fast moving minute
The future has come around one too many times
And the past has yet to even happen

Dazed from the never moving present
And I still feel guilt from the time before
But now I’m wondering if it ever happened
Cause I’m lost in my mind and heart at war

The battles never seem to end
And they’re splitting my soul in half
Can I please just end this life
I think then I’ll finally be relaxed

But there’s others I have to think about
Cause I’m not that selfish to try
And end my life right now
I’m lost for words my mouth’s gone dry
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