I'm looking at the Palomino V32, Fender Frontman 212R, and the Roland Cube 60.

Any pros or cons for any of these three amps or other recommendations? Basically

the palomino looks like it has the good tube tone, the fender frontman is more what

I'm probably used (I own the 25R) and the roland cube just sounds like an overall

good amp with plenty of effects. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
For those who care.
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used peavey classic 30 off craigslist
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It doesn't hav to be craiglist gc are selling them for 400, and u can get a deal where u can get it for 400 flat with tax

If they still have them
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This is an important question.

Regardless, I'd scratch the Fender from the list, and probably go with the Palomino over the Roland more than 90% of the time. The only reason you might prefer the Cube is if you're a complete metalhead. And even then, I think I'd go with the Palomino and a pedal.

You definitely get more amp for your money on the used market, though, and there's almost always a Classic 30 available for under $400 somewhere.
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If you play metal i would go for a used crate blue voodoo combo, if not try and get a peavey classic.
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I have a question, everyone says "get it used" from GC. but what if GC doesnt have that item your looking for used?

what if its in another state (e.g you live in alabama, and the used item is in california)
can you order the used item from whereever store it is and go pick it up at your local GC?

and yeah, go for the classic 30, or palomino v32