I'm an a7x fan and i recently realized that I don't have a lot of similar music to them and i listen to them all the time can anyone give me some good artists. Favorite album is City of Evil

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idk recently i started getting out of A7X. not my cup of tea much anymore. Seen them twice, they're great live, but idk their new stuff was too disappointing. Waking the Fallen will always be their best.
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A7X sound isn't really that original. Other metalcore bands have similar uptempo sounds to them. Try Trivium or Bullet for my Valentine. I think possibly Atreyu, but I haven't heard a lot their material.
Iron Maiden, Velvet revolver, Pantera , they are not like them but the living end is good
and if anyone says dragonforce tell them to go to hell
avenged used to be good..their new cd went all mainstream and they admit it...so i would say just check out some well known mainstream metal bands
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I dunno their new stuff, while more mainstream oriented, to me seems more original than their earlier stuff, waking the fallen isn't abbreviated as wtf for nothing you know. I would say atreyu even though I'm not a big fan of theirs they have a similar style.
Im getting into them more but I go in and out. I hate how everyone doesnt like them for some reason. Probably because they listened to Bat Country (complete ****). Strength of the World, M.I.A, and Trashed and Scattered are the way to go
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atreyu, killswitch engage, bleeding through, etc. those are more similar to old stuff though, and all of them have got lighter over time so it depends on what are you listen to as to what you might like. none of them are that spectacular but they sort of fit the bill.