Hey, got my recordings into MP3 and up on dmusic . So check them out guys, tell me what you think. C4C of course, just leave a link and i will get to them as soon as possible.

Here is the link...

and thanks to everyone in advance

EDIT: Thanks for the crits guys, and ive returned the favor so far. Some more crits/comments would be nice and greatly appriciated.

And yes, thats me blowin the harp
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these are pretty good...i like the harmonica in the blues in G (u playin it?). The guitar sounded good, the lyrics in devil's hold were kinda quietly spoken...was that the aim, or tryin to keep it in volume of guitar recording, guitar in it was pretty cool tho, not what i typically imagine blues to be, but im not super well versed in blues either, haha. I listened to all 3 and i liked how ya didnt do the same thing in every one...i fall into that trap a lot. Def diggin the rythm in dog her out was cool sounding. Again the lyrics were a lil "spoken" to me, but again mighta been what ya kinda wanted to go with the theme. Nice work, keep it up, blues is fun to mess around with. Blues jam on here when u get a chance....the rythm part of it sux, and i needa re-do it....but here it is..solid playin btw.

ahh I LOVE THE HARMONICA... first time i've heard anyone modernish use it, my fav song is definitely Blues in G :P, i liked the way you didn't use the harmonica in every song and that you kept them all different which is quite hard to do when writing as a soloist. Your playing is good and theres no mistakes, and i liked the different percussive sounds/rhythms you used especially in Dog Her Out, rock on

i'd muchly appreciate it if you crit mine back thanks in advance


hey thanks for the crit, ill try some of your stuff out. crit as i listen
okay blues in G.
nice rhythm, generic but well played. okay i normally dont like harmonica much, but this is pretty well done. tasteful. one thing though, id turn down the treble on your recording of the harmonica, it gets a bit headsplitting tone wise. i would appreciate a guitar lead in there, but i always do. good showcase for your harp skills

Devils Hold. pretty interesting, the squaking of the strings was a bit distracting. the style of music you were playing, while good, didnt really have enough going on to keep me interested. sad and quiet song, id put a bit more "sing" than "talk" in the vocals, though.
sorry im not allowed to post the link in that thread as apparently im only allowed to post 2 songs a week or sumtin... but the myspace has three... so heres a direct link to my myspace :P


Dang. Your Awesome. blues in g is the best imo. the harmonica is great. Just sounds Really good. no mess up that I can hear just sounds great man.

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