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Is anyone else from the greatest hub of culture and history the US - no, the world - has ever seen?! I was just thinking about how much I loved living here and figured i'd see if anyone else had any thoughts about this sweet town that doesn't not have nothing to do!

^look at that beauty...yeah it looks like that every day where i live
oh yeah and... DRUNK!
Ohios great, just not the city. out in the country is where its at.
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And thanks MotleyCrueSATD, that was pretty awesome.

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why not? the people, the atmosphere, the surf. what's there to not enjoy
theres a slim chance that anyone lives there, and an even slimmer chance they enjoy life in Ohio.


To TS, try living in Carey for your whole life...you'll end up with cancer and die like the rest of us. And be tortured because all and any outlets for anyone to do anything besides go to church and drink at bars are all gone...

I phail...massively..
Ohio sucks dude lol. I know I live there.

Slash is trash

I has golfclaps!
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Your avatar is the first thing that has made me laugh in a long time. I applaud you

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My grandparents live near there.

Pretty gangsta.

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does anybody have a sitar?
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you have to buy them from george harrison. He owns all of them
Fuck Toledo.

I'm from Dayton. With high crime/drug problems, homesless scum and some of the best bars I've ever drank at.

D-Y-T 'til I D-I-E.
Poor advice.
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My grandparents live near there.

Pretty gangsta.

oh yeah we chill sometimes. and i can tell you some stories man, ****
i live near toledo and i think its sucks dick and the music scene amounts to one genre which i dont like. terrible. somone please tell me there are people there who want to play something other than hardcore or screamo. damn i cant wait to move to a town where i can meet people who want to go and play some real metal or rock or even blues but damn it pisses me off.

tl;dr toledo is not good unless you love hardcore or screamo music