My UG friends, you've been great help to me for all of my questions, so I have one more.

I need to replace the neck and middle single coils on my HSS MIM Fender strat. I have a Duncan JB in the bridge, and will be playing through a Traynor YCV50 Blue once it comes in.

I need a neck pickup that will sound great with chords. I will be playing some worship stuff for church, and I also need it for personal playing. I want my chords to be clear, and I want them to sound full. Some examples would be (Say it aint so - Weezer) and (Under the bridge - RHCP). I hope you all understand what i mean.

For the middle pickup, I want something that will sound great alone, and combined with either other pickup. My JB covers my heavier stuff, while my neck will cover smoother stuff. I was thinking maybe a cool rails for good clean solos, but I think the output would be too high.

Please give me some suggestions. Price is not a problem, because I will save up for whatever it is. I only want the best. I don't want to keep the stock ones either, because they lack in quality.

Thank you guys so much!
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hot coil seymour duncan

Where in the middle? I was thinking that' but that would probably be too much, plus it wouldnt mix good with a neck Pickup like I want.
I didn't mean to post in this forum, but I would still like help if anyone has suggestions. Otherwise, Im reposting this in electric guitar tomorrow.

Sorry bout that
well if price is no object, then something like stephen's designed pickups or bare knuckle pickups or lindy frailins are going to be very nice. bg pickups are also very nice, and cost a good deal less. probably arent quite as high quality, but i love mine. rock monkey pickups are also worth a look, and the guy that makes them is a member of UG.
So custom pickups are the best way to go?

If so, would it be a good idea to get a custom humbucker too?