When I do bends, does it matter if I bend it up or down?
My friends bend up, I bend down, but doesn't really effect my playing that much it seems.
When I pick, lets say from the A to G, and I pick downwards on the A should i pick the G from the B side of the string or the D side of the string?
Doesn't really matter unless you're doing it really fast.
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well on bends no it dosent matter although i find if you bending lower on the fretboard like the bottom you should bend up and on the top you should bend to the bottom it just gives more neding room that way.

and on picking it dosent matter its personal prefrence on what you want to up and down stroke on of course when your playing fast economy picking is best but most slow stuff can be done your way
bending threadLook at my post it explains it.

Down stroke or up, doesn't matter really.
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It all comes down to what is more comfortable for you.
But when bending, make sure you use your whole forearm, not only the fingers. The fingers basically have to remain stiff while the whole motion comes from turning the forarm to the right (when bending upwards) or to the left (when bending downwards). The reason for that is that your arm is stronger than your fingers, thus making the bending easier and more precise. Another thing is that you can use two or three fingers when bending, as using only can be quite painfull.