i cant bar all the string to save my life i wanna play reggae and i know its a big part of most of the cords and i just cant do it is there anything i can do??? does anyone else have this problem because its probably the most frustrating thing in the world. please give me some tips!!!!!!
nope bar chords are annoying there are easy ones but then there are some tuff ones that make you do origami on your hand all i can say is practice i suk at bar chords too
the only thing you can do is just try over and over again. when i started playing i couldn't play barre chords for ****, but I literally just tried repeatedly until i could.
i think my guitar may be ****ed up and the neck could be bent so the stings are real high at the bottom which makes it even harder but thanks guys ill keep at it
just keep practicing it takes a while! i couldnt do barre chrods for the first year of my playing but now theyre easy and you really do expand upon them. definitely something worth working at. btw try turning your index finger a little towards the thumb so that you're pressing down with the outside edge. once someone told me that, barre chords suddenly werent hard anymore
o and how your strings are high farther down doesnt mean your necks bent it called your action and its too high. have someone at a music shop adjust it for you
what helped me was to put my index finger directly on the fret not before this was my big mistake and once i brought my finger closer on the fret it could play them almost instantly
I've been playing for about 7 months and bar chords are still the biggest pain in the ass! I still can't even make an A-shape bar chord for the life of me, never mind the crazier stuff (d shape, c shape etc etc). Just playing the minors/majors if I play all bar chords my fretting hand cramps up after like 5 minutes or so.

I can work songs with a bar chord here or there so that's what I do (i.e. karma police or fake plastic trees by radiohead are mostly open chords with a B here or there). In other cases I just cheat and play power chords instead of the bar. Doesn't sound as good but it's better than nothin.

I'm guessing it just takes more practice and time until your hands get strong enough to do it easily - will try the barring right on the fret as mentioned above tho!