i owned my hotrod for about a month and a half before it started making the most horrible sound ever. its a cracking ripping sound that makes the speaker jump around. so i took it to my dealer (samash, the musical instrument megastore) and i tell mitch exactly what its been doing and i hand over my amp.

for two weeks i wait for the magical moment when the phone rings i can get my amp back. the phone rings, i go to samash. bring my amp home and start playing, and it sounds beautiful, for about 6 minutes. the sound is back and its even worse than before.

i took a look at my receipt (the repair was under warranty but i wanted to see what they "fixed") . in the box where it says: "operation performed" its marked "repair" and where it says what they did it says "done!"

they didn't do crap!!

right now im pissed, i play my amp for 4 minutes before it starts going "crrrrckkkkshhhhhhhhzzzzzzzkkkkkk!!" and the guitar is completly inaudible


this amp cost too much to sound like crap

i love the sound when it dosent sound like crap

and samash has never let me down like this

im just frustrated and dont know what to do
Does it crack and then make a sound like hearing somebody change channels on a radio? Like it goes to static? If so, i had the same problem and it was just a simple fix of changing a preamp tube because it was faulty.
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You mean your hotrod deluxe?!
Damn man.

Maybe if you have another amp that has the same ohmage, hook that thing up and see if its not the speaker. or something.
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