Bought the 6505, and it was definitley as hissy and feedbacky as everyone said it would be. Ive looked at the NS-2, the ISP decimator, and the rocktron hush. Which one works the best but still retains the tone the best?
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I got a 5150 II and picked up a decimator and it works wondors. I've haven't personally used one but the NS-2 supposedly sucks quite a bit of tone and the other guitar player in my band uses a Rocktron Hush and it doesn't really suck much tone but it's not very good and he's always having to adjust the threshold. I basically got my decmimator set where I want it and haven't touched it since. I would suggest going with the decimator if you got the extra cash.
Sounds good i have heard that was the best one so i'll do that.
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iSP decimator.
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Yeah, the 6505 does have an assload of feedback. I'm picking up an ISP Decimator for mine sometime this week. I would suggest looking into it aswell.
If you want a 100% guarentee that it will work, Get the ISP Rack mount G system. Top of the Line. Best noise gate money can buy. The pedal is second though.
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Isp Decimator

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Decimator without a shadow of a doubt.
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Another +1 for the Decimator ProRackG. The fact that it uses two channels in two locations gives it a one up on just about everything else. The Rocktron Hush SuperC does the same thing, but only offers about a quarter of the usable noise reduction that the ProRackG does.

Regarding pedals, ISP has a new version of the Decimator called the G-String that (though single channel) is closer in operation and effect to the ProRackG than the original unit.
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