So I have owned Pink Moon and Family Tree for a while now, and I actually found myself listening to the Pink Moon album over and over again.

I listened to it 5 times in one day, back to back.

What are your thoughts on Nick Drake?
I love all his albums with my favourite being Pink Moon because of this charming acoustic simplicity it has and still excellent but my least favourite one is Bryter Layter which is quite poppy compared to the other 2.I think Drake is my favourite acoustic artist- those magic acoustic sounds and this etheral voice are an uncomparable combination!
It's great that Nick's popularity just keeps growing-it means more n more people listen to quality music
By the way does anyone know which model he used?I've read that although in the Bryter Layter cover he's holding a Guild M20 ,everyone remembers him playing a Martin D-28.
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He's amazing
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Bryter Layter cover he's holding a Guild M20 ,everyone remembers him playing a Martin D-28.

I hadn't heard that, I always thought he used the Guild.

Anyway, Nick Drake has been my favourite artist for around 4 years now. Pink Moon is my favourite album of all time and, no matter how many times I listen to it, I never tire of it. My favoruite songs are Which Will, Place to Be, One of These Things First, River Man and From the Morning.

And speaking of the VW advert, there was an advert on not so long ago for Benylin, or some other kind of medicine like that, and the track playing was 'From The Morning'. It's probably my favourite Nick Drake song and it really pissed me off the way they had used it. If it brings more people to his music it's all good though.