I have a used Boss Mt-2 metal zone petal and I was playin with it, startin talkin to my friend, and then when i tried to play again it would not work. if I turn up my amp pretty loud and turn the level on the pedal all the way up i can still get a very quiet, raspy, disgusting sound out of it. I also have a DS-1 pedal and they were hooked up in a series at the time and might have both been on. anyone know what happened or how to fix it?
throw it away. Good riddance.
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honestly I know a lot of people don't but i kinda liked it and I'm too poor to buy a new one. I just wanna know what happened or if anyone else had the same problem.
and i plugged it in to a different 9 volt plug and it started smoking and now it wont work. ;_;
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except i have a pod xt, but still no pedal
but good distortion
I have a power adaptor cause I'm also too poor to buy batteries haha but there was a 9v in it and I haven't tried with a different one. however, it still didnt work off just the power cable
Quote by nintendocly
can still get a very quiet, raspy, disgusting sound out of it.

Nope, sounds like a metal zone to me.
I've wondered if you can fry pedals too. I don't use a whole lot of gain though. Just little volume spikes and a bit of drive to smooth out everything.
Call me Wes.
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You likely at first needed a new battery. Now it is gone for sure as you used the wrong adapter on it