Hi im new here and new to guitar(kind of). I have a VOX AD30VT and a cheap epiphone les paul (special 2). My problem is I cant seem to get good distortion from this....What could I do to get metallica-like distortion, wth a setup like that? Would a good distortion pedal do the job? Or some better pickups?(mabye another guitar) I wont be getting another amp for some time
nah, Ive tried full gain on all the high-gain settings (nu-metal, US high gain, etc) Its just.....bleh... I guess my question is....is there a way to get better distortion, other than a new amp, like a pedal, different guitar, or pickups.
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If you can't get a new amp, than a distortion pedal is the way to go, because changing your pickups won't do much for your sound. Then again, the pedal might not sound so great through a modeling amp either.
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well u play like metallica right? i bought my pedal awhile back nd its all i'll ever need, its a boss dual pedal (Boss OD-22 or somethin like it) i cant remember off the top of my head, but it has 22 preset settings that you can tweak, like all of the settings are different boss pedals, you can get that custom sound you want, i get anything from like metallica to ac/dc, to heavy metal, etc, you can even get an acoustic sound out of it if ya try, its very versital nd all i got is a lil 30 watt peavey rage 158, nd it sounds good outa there (on clear on amp, the distortion thru the pedal), nd if ya need to hook into a bigger amp ya can because of the 4 save settings that you can get so when you do get that custom sound you want you can save it, just experiment with it, i got mine for a lil over $200, but you prolly dont need somethin that expensive, just a metal pedal or some heavy distortion pedal should work, i went all out--hope it helps
ok dude how long have you been playing? any and all amps have their small differences, but most if not all have on the clear channel not the distortion channel the same tone, it would all be the pedal, so if i were you ya i would buy a pedal, all pedal sounds are gonna be different, but most all amps on no distortion, no gain, etc, pretty much sound the same, just try a few pedals out or order one in or whatever, but i would just go get a pedal until you get a bigger kick ass amp that actually has distortion to burn (most 100 watt nd up) do what ya want to, its only my opinion, but its up to you