Good Evening/Afternoon/Morning.

I have lost track of time so that should be right.

Anyway I am looking into getting my first proper amp and was looking into the 10w and 15w Orange Crush's (and maybe at a push 30w) can anyone give recommendations to these.

I mainly play classic rock, metal is a big no no for me. Maybe a breath of punk from time to time.

These any good?
I would go with Vox Valvetronix, Valve Jr with an OD pedal, or Black Heart Little Giant with an OD.

Valve Jr would be my top choice.
yeah I am a huge orange amp fan and I agree with friggin bob. There are much better/cheaper/more versatile practice amps out there. For you, I'd recommend a valvetronix for versatility or a valve jr. for less versatility but better tone (it's a real tube amp, just very small).
Thanks for the help guys

Will have to look into that Valve jr a bit more. I like the look of it so may have a play about later today if I can track one down. Although the one thing that bugs me though is the no headphone output. Which I need for university (people are becoming pissed off with me playing at 3am :p)

I think the Vox may be a little out of my price range (I gotta eat ) but I will check that out too.