Got a question about pickups:

If the output between pickups is very different that's bad, right?
What exactly are the effects of this, and how much of a difference is tolerable?

For example, are these pickups too different to use together?
-DiMarzio Area ‘67 DP419
-DiMarzio SDS-1 DP111
-DiMarzio EJ Custom Neck DP211

Thanks in advance!
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I wasn't aware of it being 'bad' as such, its just not always desirable, if you have one with a huge output combined with one of a relatively small output, then you will hear the loud one more, i think.

Those seem ok, i mean, none are like 6k and some 14k, so i think it should be ok, but i can't see the EJ sounding great with the Area 67, but its all down to what you like

also, i think it depends on how you wire them, because, i think (don't quote me) the dc resistances combine, like series or parallel, not sure though

all that is just what i have come up with by thinking about it logically, i don't actually know the facts, but that makes sense to me
Having pickups with significantly different outputs or DC resistances isn't intrinsicly a bad thing, but it does have a negative aspect - when you switch from one pickup to the next, there will be a significant change in volume. If you can cope with this, then anything else is just a matter of whether the sound fits your style. The main effect like this is that when you are using 2 of the pickups at once, you will get significantly different proportions of tone from the 2 different pickups. Specifically, the tone of the pickup with the higher resistance (i think) will come through more (assuming you've got a standard 3 single coil wiring and the pickups are in parallel). But this may well produce a good tone, you'll never know unless you try it out.