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What famous guitarist has a tone that sounds like yours ?( more like the opposite way around :P )

Currently , i have that Jason Becker/Marty Friedman tone.
(Not that i do alot of justice to it )
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id say switching between Jimmy Page and Kirk Hammett
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I seem to have a unique tone :P
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I seem to have a unique tone :P

you win sir

but yah I always look for an EJ tone but Mine is mostly boston ish
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My guitar tone is close to Lars Ulric on s.t. anger... yeah he's a drummer and his snare was out of tune (and NO! it was not esperimental it was out of tone) im just not a very good guitarist x')
I get 100% flawless The Who tone with my orange tiny terror and standard telecaster (bridge pup). It is spot on with no pedals. Pretty damn cool
i sound like kerry king when playing live but practicing i sound like paradise lost.
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With my LP I get really close to Satch's tone (mids at 10 ftw), while with my borrowed '93 Squier strat it's pretty close to an Yngwie tone (this is on the neck/middle humbucking position, the bridge has a gold Lace Sensor that is completely worthless).
My tone is quite similar to as i lay dying.
I love it
Even though it took me countless hours of tweaking to achieve, due to this damn MG !
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I've currently got Frusciante's tone (pretty much exact) and I'm getting very close to having Hendrix's as well.
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I like to believe I don't sound like anyone else. But, since my gear choice isn't exactly original it can't be too different from other people using similar gear.
I try to get my tone similiar to John Frusciante and Jimi Hendrix
I have done pretty well I think.
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I'm rocking my own tone... Its taken me a while but i finally achieved it. But ya never know, someone else might have the exact settings and using a Valveking, Marshall Cab, M108, Modified M104, Modified Tubescreamer, T.V. Delay and Emg's....

Naaaaaaaaaa dont think its gonna happen... lol
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i try to get as close to the slash sweet child of mine tone as i can with my jubilee, the dsl doesnt sound like anyone though

I can do alot of good tones. Ranging from SRV to clapton to EJ.
Maybe with a bit of buddy guy mixed in.
Call me Wes.
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been trying to get a good jack white tone at moment but its hard to nail any ideas?
at the mo my tone is probably closest to seasick steve. open tuning, slide and overdriven amp.
I'm around Jeff Waters' style tone at the moment. It's similar to Dave Mustaine's, in the sense that it's a very organic metal tone, but it's boosted and slightly higher on the gain.

So.. organic, smooth but heavy distortion, and a clean boost to ^ dynamics.

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Petrucci train of thought era rhythm sound, nice and crisp sounding with lots of mids, and my lead sounds are reminding me of Rustey Cooley's in the way that it sounds with huge vibrato bends.

Unfortunately i havent quite found my sound for my 8, its taking a little while longer than i though to achieve Meshuggah sounds.
Several of my settings will get Matt Bellamy tones. Before I sold my Les Paul I could nail a lot of Andrew Stockdale's tone's.
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I have a tone like Alexi Laiho without using half the **** he uses. It will be complete when i get me some sd blackouts.
I spent years aspiring to sound like another guitarist. What a waste of time i just wish id have invested in sounding like me. But now I do so it's all good baby!
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My tone is qutie similar to Jimmy Page's and Pete Townshend's (the one he had during the 70's)
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Clean - David Gilmour (and Peter Green)
Overdriven - Sort of like Johnny Thunders but more trebly.
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Clean - Opeth
OD - Mark Tremonti

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mines simular to zakk wyldes-

gain- 10
bass-, 10
mid-, 4-6
treble 10
reverb- 4
delay- 2

gain- 10
bass- 8,5
treble- 9
reverb- 3
delay- 0,5
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I spent years aspiring to sound like another guitarist. What a waste of time i just wish id have invested in sounding like me. But now I do so it's all good baby!

Very Gary Moore-ish at the moment. Maybe a hint of Slash's in there aswell. I like that thick sounding texture, it gives it body.
On the clean channel though, it's very much like the lead guitarist (forgive me for forgetting his name) from the Foo Fighters tone on 'The Pretender'.
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Lately my tone has been really close to Bury Your Dead's.


Howd you get it? lol

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My tone is quite similar to John Mayer, but in the style of SRV with some Hendrix hints.
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Mine doesn't really sound exactly like anything i listen to...

But close matches...

Clean - John Frusciante (Think RHCP - Under the bridge)

Drive - Jimmy Page (Think whole lotta love)

Lead - SRV (Think little wing solo)
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Kind of a hybrid - Clapton's Beano and early Cream tone crossed with Paul Kossof and a little bit of Pete Townshend for good measure - I like a trebly and biting tone with that sort of LP snarl...

And oddly when I flick over to my neck PU it sounds SRVish at times...quite bizarre for a Les Paul I must admit, but hey I ain't objecting to it!

It beats my "early days" Obscure 70's Brand Plywood Strat/MG15DFX tone
My tone is somewhere between the EVH brown sound & SRV. Ultra responsive dynamics from my non-master volume Mojave 50W. I like my own tone, but I still get wood dialing in the exact old brown sound through my '78 MXR flanger & playing "Unchained" so loud that my arm hairs move.
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I don't think my tone mimics one particular person, but im always trying to achieve a better "blues" tone. The one that's in my head is somewhere between SRV, BB King, Buddy Guy, John Mayer, etc. But i basically have two or three tones i use. My main one being the Strat tone, the other being the Gibson tone through my amp on similar settings for each.
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Well. A nice tone
Very freak kitchenish rythm (look 'em up on youtube, great tone)
and for lead, very Steve Vaiish at the moment.
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