In the Summer of 2006, three documentary filmmakers followed
me around for a month, documenting my alcoholism and poverty.
It premiered at The Neon theatre.
"Would you say you're suffering from a bad spell right now?"
I get up to freshen a glass of Jameson and the way the lighting
hits my face in the shot exudes a sense of mischeivous sickness.
"Yeah, I am."
Random facts flash across the screen in line swipes.
Three dead rabbits.
I lose several jobs in the span of a couple weeks.
There's an audio clip of a phone call I made to an ex girlfriend
before a suicide attempt:
Me: "There was a Russian woman in New York. She agreed with everything!"
Her: "Stop it Randy! Please, stop this."
Me: "I want to do this over the phone, so all of your anxiety will melt away."
Her: "Randy, fucking stop!"
Two dead rabbits.
Opening night did well.
She went to go see the movie after doing whip-its, fucking her
ex-boyfriend, being finger fucked by her new boyfriend and digging
a small hole in her backyard.
It was during the scene of me playing Uno with the filmmakers
that I noticed her from the screen - scratching her skin and
wiping tears in the audience.
"Why are you so sad, girl?"
She looked up at me while the rest of the audience lept for the exits,
shouting Psalms and pulling hair and flesh.
One dead rabbit.
"Are you talking to me? From the movie?"
I lept off the screen and pulled her from her seat.
"Will you rob banks with me, girl?"
"Yes, I'll rob banks with you."

We ran out onto the street and hotwired the first car we found.
We sped off towards the highway with fake movie money.
Two rabbits - Forced to fuck and make dead rabbits.
Poor advice.
thats crazy and ridiculous, and just utterly dumb and weird...

... why do i love it?
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As strange as everything is, I understood it pretty well. Except for the dead rabbits. I was completely lost there. Is there some meaning to that or did you just through the line in? Also, from "She looked up at me..." it's stops being bizarre but good and just leaps fully into the ridiculous. I probably suggest rewriting the ending. But that's just me.
Crit mine?
Gecko Gospel
I don't have a full crit for you either, though I'd like to have one. I just don't have that much to say. it's all working very well here. it's a new way to get at an old feeling and I appreciate that. I almost understand the rabbits. I'll come back when it clicks.
love dead like a crushed fly

for those of you who said you'd be interested in hearing my lyrics put to music- I started work on recording an album, if you get in touch with me pm or otherwise I'd be more than happy to fill you in