So I've been playing with the stock strings since I got the guitar (about a month) and as it's an Epi LP, they were 10s. I used to use 9s so I got a few packs of these. Well I had to replace the strings yesterday, and find the 9s maybe even too easy to bend.

My question is, has anyone else had the same situation. Should I switch back to 10s or get used to 9s?

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is there much actual difference between guages or is it all just preference?
Heavier strings sound better in my opinion, and I think heavier strings last slightly longer right? I'd say stick with 10s.
There is definitely a difference, I play on .11's and when i play a guitar with .10s, I feel pretty uncomfortable.. and whether strings last longer really depends on how you play and maintain your strings.

EDIT: so haha, yeah, if you're more comfortable with 10s then stick with em
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Stick with the 10s, especially if you're already comfortable with them.

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i use heavy strings on both my guitars cause they can handle lower tunings and they last a lot longer
Wow it is great to hear people actually play heavier gauges. I play 11's and I like the wound third just for the tonality. I swear by 11's.

I have 9's on my "shredder" guitar and I really don't like them, but I leave them on for functionality.

Go with the 10's they are a fairly good balance bettween tone and speed
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i have a strat with 9's and a lp with 10's and yes there is a difference. its all a feel thing. i say stay with 10's if you like em
Everybody to their own, some people like heavier strings for shred etc, lighter strings for detuning, play what you feel comfortable with really, if you want a compromise go for a hybrid set
the scale length on gibsons and epiphones are shorter then most other guitar brands, that's why your 9 guage strings feel so easy to bend.

stick to 9's on your other guitars and go a guage higher on your les paul, or if 10's are too thick for you try finding some strings that are half a guage up, they might be hard to find but are worth it if you want the perfect set-up.
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