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So im makin a playlist on my iPod with instrumentals, think you guys could help out, here's what i got:
Foo Fighters- Ballad of Beaconsfield
Zappa stuff
Hendrix- Live intro and Improv
Metallica- Orion and Call of Ktulu
RHCP- intros and Pretty Little Ditty
some Rush
Santana- Samba Pa Ti and Europa but i know theres more!
Sash- Godfather theme
SRV- Little Wing
Sublime- Free Loop & Lincoln Highway Dubs
VH- Strung out, Doin time, Balusomethinsomethin, Cathedral, Intruder, 316, Lil guitars, Eruption, Neworld, and Primary
Some Malmsteem.
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I'd suggest:

Johnny A - Oh yeah
Johnny A - Two wheel horse.
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Scuttle Buttlin'
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Lenny
Eric Johnson - Cliffs of Dover
Joe Satriani - Surfing With The Alien
if u could somehow cut the solo from the start of californication from slane castle, that would be cool. Or the jam from 'off the map'
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Dream Theater:
Overture 1928
The Dance Of Eternity

Liquid Tension Experiment: Entire catalogue.

Pink Floyd:
One Of These Days

Coheed & Cambria:
The Ring In Return
Second Stage Turbine Blade
Keeping The Blade
(All roughly the same)

The Crusade
The End Of Everything


Alice In Chains:
Intro (Dream Sequence)
Whale & Wasp

Black Sabbath:

Some are just intros to albums.
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MAB - everything

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Technical difficulties, PGs new album. Dude.....Joe S, Petruccis album, and PG. Yngvey, Eric Johnson. bla bla blagoajfgiagb
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In particular, his Electric Tears album.

De Montfort Uni
Quite a few good (albeit experimental) instrumentals from early Floyd:
Is There Anybody Out There? (yes not early Floyd I know, but still brilliant)
One of These Days (already been said, but deserves a second mention)
Pow R Toch
Interstellar Overdrive (has a freaky weird section in the middle)
A Saucerful of Secrets (has a freaky weird section for the first like 6 minutes, but the ending is absolutely gorgeous)
Careful With that Axe Eugene (kind of not an instrumental, but its still worth listening to)
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In particular, his Electric Tears album.

his new "Decoding the tomb of bansheebot" album is pretty good too
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Ocean- John Butler Trio
Lenny- SRV
Riviera Paradise- SRV
Manhattan- Eric Johnson
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Metallica - To Live is to Die
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Ocean - John Butler Trio

Drifting - Andy McKee (He is famous from youtube and his music kicks ass, its all acoustic though)
For My Father - Andy McKee

Maybe some buckethead...
Explosions in the Sky is pretty cool. As far as I know, all they do are completely instrumental tracks.
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The Sky Moves Sideways (Phase 1) - Porcupine Tree [18:34]
The Sky Moves Sideways (Phase 2) - Porcupine Tree [16:43]
Anesthetize - Porcupine Tree [17:43]
Moonloop (Improvisation) - Porcupine Tree [16:18]
Moonloop (Coda) - Porcupine Tree [4:48]
Stream Of Consciousness - Dream Theater [11:16]
La Villa Strangiato - Rush [9:36]
Universal Mind - Liquid Tension Experiment [7:53]
Paradigm Shift - Liquid Tension Experiment [8:55]
Hourglass - Liquid Tension Experiment [4:25]
When The Water Breaks - Liquid Tension Experiment [16:58]

Yeah, I'm into prog
Best instrumentals ever.
cacophony - concerto
cacophony - speed metal symphony
Vinnie Moore - when my guitar gently weeps
Satch - Everything!!
The Godfather Theme - Slash
Concerto - Cacophony
Images - Cacophony
Altitudes - Jason Becker
Nottingham Lace - Buckethead (not really a fan, but that is one hell of a song)
Nitro - Dick Dale

hmm... just a few that i could think of off the top of my head, hope that helps

EDIT: just realized you had The Godfather Theme already, my bad.
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Ashes of the Wake - Lamb of God (has alex skolnick and chris poland in it). Pretty sick song. I know of countless more, i can't think of any right now though.
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Black Mages. Even if you dont like Final Fantasy, the music is great, and the Black mages are awesome.
Veritas, Aequitas - Darkest Hour
Desiderata - The Human Abstract

The first one might not be your style, but it's just an awesome, epic, beautiful song. The second one is all acoustic guitar with some piano, really good though.
Into The Lungs Of Hell - Megadeth
Call Of Ktulhu - Metallica
1776 - Iced Earth
Joseph Merrick - Mastodon

Just of the top of mah head.

EDIT: Just get some Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, Ynwgie (whatever, pronounced Eng-vee) Malmsteen, Joe Satriani, etc...
You should check out John Petrucci's solo album.
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Nightwish - 'Last of the Wilds'
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Nightwish - 'Last of the Wilds'


and - Firewind.. I can't remember what it's called right now... the fire and the fury? its good stuff.
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Sabre Dance - Dave Edmunds/Love Sculpture


EDIT: Oh, and Farandole by the same as above.
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Racer X or Paul Gilbert, Black magic woman by Santana and...some Weather Report.

Murderers - John Frusciante
Sphere - John Frusciante/Josh Klinghoffer
Ovary Stripe - Kasabian
Brendan #1 - Fugazi
Chun Li's Spinning Bird Kick - Arctic Monkeys
The Bane Rendition - Raconteurs
Anything by Cacophony or Jason Becker or Marty Friedman or Paul Gilbert or Joe Satriani or John Petrucci or Racer X or Jeff Beck or Yngwie Malmsteen. Or a lot of the other stuff I can't think of. O yea Dream Theater. Other stuff too.

Led Zeppelin:
Moby Dick

Steve Vai:
Tender Surrender
For The Love of God

Joe Satriani:
A Cool New Way
Lights of Heaven
Souls of Distortion
Time Machine
Summer Song
Made of Tears
Motorcycle Driver

Eric Johnson:
Cliffs of Dover

Andy McKee:
Art of Motion
Heather's Song

Antoine Dufour:
Catching The Light
Into Your Heart
Memories of the Future

Don Ross:
Michael, Michael, Michael
Berkley Springs

Yeah I listen to a lot of instrumental music!
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I looooooooooooove The Crusade (the song) by Trivium!

For more metal check out Arch Enemy, for example Stigmata or Hybrids of Steel.
I also recommend Reign of the Hammer by Hammerfall.
And try the COB version (can't remember its name) of Summer of Vivaldi's 4 Seasons!

MAB, and for technical sweetness- get Protest the Heros new cd off iTunes, it comes with the whole cd as just instrumentals, which I have, cuz the singer sucks.
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Steve Vai - The Crying Machine, Whispering a Prayer, The Boy From Seattle, Building the Church
Joe Satriani - Starry Night, The Forgotten Part 2, If I Could Fly, Day at the Beach, Crystal Planet
Jason Becker - End of the Beginning
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