so this is not the gretest song ever I know but I figured why not hear what people have to say about it. needs more added to it but I figure its not bad for a first draft.

feel free to to play with it and change it if you like I plan on changing some of it later on anyways. like add bass and so on. may even change the solo a bit who knows. just if you do change something please let me know.
Song 2.zip
A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.
not bad man.. a tad repetative.. but some of the octaves parts sound really nice.. after the solo i feel it should be different because it has a hell big build up and then doesnt really cap off. but thats alright, and probably fix the timing of the drumming in the opening riffs cause it feels just a tad off on the snare

Well. i do like the main riff, even if it is a bit cliche, its got a nice drum beat.

The ending of part D was really IN YOUR FACE. you should do something about the volume on those two measures.

Part E/F (?) can't remember which. the one with the massive amounts of power chords.
Anyway. i felt that didn't fit with the song
it seemed like a bridge more than..whatever it was you made it into. i'd say shorten it down to about maybe 4 measures, max 8 just to spice up the song, not throw a miscelanious riff at them xD

good job, can't really complain, but it wasn't anything original either.

i'd give this about a 7/10

-Oh the intro.
Really needs changing. at least add like a harmony or something. maybe a simple drum beat.

anyway. work on the things i've mentioned and try to spice it up a bit here and there; the repetitiveness makes you lose intrest. i'm sure some vocals could probably change this though.

-Crit mine?