Last night, playing in the very small venue of Musos Corner in Newcastle with tickets costing $10, Paul Gilbert graced a few lucky people with his presence.

And he is indeed one of the coolest people I've ever met, and by far the best guitarist of course.

I got a few 1 minute clips of some songs he played plus some Q&A between songs. I'll put them up when I load them on youtube.

Did anyone else happen to go? And if you did, feel free to post the pics/vids in here!
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I wish I could style my hair like his.... actually, I may be able to if I grow it out...
I saw him once, my music teacher was just like if you have $10 I can get you a ticket. And then yeahhh. It was pretty cool.
I was there! I was the kid in the front row he gave his pick to =]

Was a great night, he's certainly an excellent guitarist. Ive got a couple of vids, not the greatest quality. Took it on my phone. Though i have some pretty decent photos we took with the camera. Even got the double handed bend he did

I managed to grab a couple of posters and got him to sign them.
I was gonna go but I heard about it too late.

I was so pissed off

You lucky bastard.
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Got a few of the pics off the camera. Theres a video of the last song he played, but i have pretty slow net. I'll upload that later.

He looks so much older now =o
I thought I saw him playing a strat in Sound Control in London, but when he started playing I just thought "Haha, no way that's Gilbert."
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i wish he came to melbourne allans...
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I know... no one ever comes to Tasmania. The closest I got was Tommy Emmanuel... then he got sick and cancelled his tour.
i was at the one they did in Geelong (the shop that beat allens in Melbourne) great show he is a truely unique guitarist.
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I went with a mate, thought about getting something signed but having spent 9 hours on the train (f*cking delays, to and from Sydney), I couldn't be bothered waiting.

EDIT - Also proud to say I was one of the contributors of him being there, got my Ibanez RG1527 there last year
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got anymore pictures of him playing the ibanez artist? i've never seen him holding one of those!
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got anymore pictures of him playing the ibanez artist? i've never seen him holding one of those!

Havn't got any other pics of that guitar. But he had a few guitars he'd picked off the walls that he was testing out. They sounded great too
lol damn, those are excellent photos lol. They kick the **** out of the 2 I took. The videos I took look kinda **** but the sound quality was excellent. I was standing at the back of the pack of seats you must have been sitting in.

I got some posters signed by him as well, aaand...

Thats me on the far right of the pic, standing far away from everyone else and looking like a douche lol. Don't know why it didn't occur to anyone to also do the Devil Horns, or why it didn't occur to me to bunch in...i think I was a little to giddy lol.

PLUS I think I forgot to say thanks to him for signing the posters, now I feel bad for not using my manners with Paul Gilbert...
My stuff:

SX Telecaster Replica
Jade 75 watt amp
15 Watt Mega-amp, lol.
Jim Dunlop Crybaby
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Saw him last year at 5 Star in Ringwood, was bloody awesome. He played Scarified and was perfect.
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