I live in Brisbane Australia and am wondering if anybody in the country is selling their axe, started to gig and the guitar I have at the moment is ****ing **** for the job.

Prefered Jaskon/Ibanez/Krammer/Dean ect you get the picture, Im not too picky with shapes, brands ect, as long as its got nice action and sound.

canadian _ 081 @ hotmail . com
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why don't you go to the electric guitar forum, ask for help on what would suit you, then post a thread in here looking for that guitar. And take your email down, you may be spammed.
Ive been playing for around 5 years and know guitars, why are you telling me to goto the help forums, I know what suits me and its a good neck. Not picky about other features.

And cheers on the email tip, completly forgot