Okay so i'm using a Gould guitar of some description (most likely a knock-off as there is no model number anywhere and it was bought on a carboot sale lol) and a Gorilla GG-20 amp, I only started playing about six months ago so i'm not sure if it would be helpful to buy a better guitar or not yet, i definitely want a new guitar but i'm not sure what to buy or how much to upgrade (£100, £200, £300 etc...)
I haven't got any particular price limit but I haven't got a job yet either, but all the money i get once i'm employed i can put into getting a guitar.
I know people say to choose a guitar partially based on what you want to play, but thats a problem for me as i WANT to play so many different things, not to say that i can but i would like to.
I was thinking about an Epiphone Black Beauty as from what i have seen it is able to handle quite a few different styles, but then again i wouldn't really be able to tell how well it actually did anything from little clips.
I also absolutely nothing about amplifiers.
Ugh...any help?
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you probably want something that you keep playing as you get better and a decent epi will do this .
any thing around 300 to 400 quid should be a reasonable guitar.
i play allsorts from blues to metal, a bit of country, classic rock, pop and indie and started out with an epiphone sg. been playing about 5 years now and i still have it. i changed the p.ups in it and it still sounds great. i own a gibson now but i keep the epi in open tuning for slide/blues styles.
its a guitar thats grown with me as iv become a better player and it still feels great.
also might be worth checking out cheaper strats like high way ones and mexicans but personally i dont like the feel much prefer gibsons, but you should try as many as possible and go with what feels right for you.